Donations - transparency is the minimum that we have the right to seek

These same citizens of Croatia wonder -  How is it possible to be non-transparent in another trouble? We urge the Red Cross and institutions - HELP WITH compromised financial contributions which citizens intended for that . 

We have not paid on 060 90 11 so that would be DEPOSITED IN BANK and so that Red Cross would with faith of goood master thought of interest rates. Citiznes of Slavonia time to wait rules, procedures and meetings of the bodies of the Red Cross.

Croatian citizens simply do not care when is the meeting, nobody cares.

  • Donations paid in cash or goods and services have their own values ​.
  • Citizens of Slavonia are entitled to live like anyone of us who did not experience flooding = these people must eat, sleep and live like the rest of us.

We have the right to ask someone else in trouble to be honest - it's a value that is priceless.


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