TIH welcomes the changes in procedures of pre-bankruptcy settlements.

                        Transperency International Croatia welcomes the announced changes in procedures of pre-bankruptcy...


International day of Rights on access to information

TI Croatia marks International day of Rigths on access to information 9/28 with a new initiative for more transparent behaviour of the executive heads. Now is the time that the personnel...


Unmask the Corrupt - TI campaign

Regarding to upcoming meeting of G20 in Australia at the beginning of november Transparency International initiated a global campaign. It is time we stop the...



The level of corruption in any country has direct and significant correlation with the development of that country. The countries with bribery are the poorer ones. Get...


The Fight Against The Corruption - Regional conference SEESDI

At the invitation of the Institute for social development of the Southeastern Europe, the TI representatives of the region and the representatives of the serbian...


15th of September - the International Day of Democracy

Since 2007, the International Day of Democracy, which was declared by the General Assembly of United Nations, is celebrated. Universal Declaration of Democracy of International...


Stop attacking the Hungarian NGOs

Back in June 2014, TI has appealed to necesitty of stoping attacks on NGOs in Hungary. By beginning of September the attacks have become even fiercer.  


Transperency International Croatia - The case of donation to private enterprises

Presidents and board members of state and public companies should not donate or recieve gifts from enterprises with whom they work with. Because of that we consider the gift from CEO of...


5 Myths about Corruption That Are Blocking Further Progress

5 myths about corruption -  corruption is a great problem of today's world and it prevents citizens from having a better and a fairer life.


The agreement between the Ministry of Health and TIC on increasing the transparency of public procurement

Transparency International Croatia signed an agreement on increasing the transparency of public procurement procedures with the Ministry of Health of Croatia. The aim of the Agreement is to...


Gustave Sharangabo Makonene

Transparency International, its chapters and partners in more than 110 countries around the world, Individual Members, the International Board of Directors and Advisory Council wish to express...


Donations to support political action - parliamentary parties and IZ-D patterns

Artical 26 of Law on financing political activities and election compaigns, and subordinate legislations have set the transperency in the reporting of donations on prescribed patterns IZ-D...


Regional Competitiveness Index published

Corruption remains a significant impact on the level of competition, and thus managment of regional development of Croatia. Reaserch of regional competitiveness index of Croatia...


Donations - transparency is the minimum that we have the right to seek

These same citizens of Croatia wonder -  How is it possible to be non-transparent in another trouble? We urge the Red Cross and institutions - HELP WITH compromised financial...


Workshop on corruption in higher education

TIC has started a series of educational workshops on suppressing corruption in higher education. On June 16th 2014, a workshop was held at the Faculty of Civil Engineering in Osijek, conducted...


Freedom House Nations in Transit

Level of democracy development is compared through a few separated international researches, through a series of indicators in order to estimate the political development of countries in the...


Stop Targeting Hungarian NGOs!

Since its re-election, the Hungarian government launched a campaign attacking the credibility of Hungarian NGOs and are striving to gain controlling power over their funding distributed...


Responsible and determined management of public procurement

Croatian President Ivo Josipovic at the conference "transparent, ethical and safe business," emphasized the importance of responsibility, but also a determined management of public...


Croatia and EU funds 2014-2020: Investment in Future

At the presentation of the Partnership Agreement and and public consultations for the Operative programme in the areas of competition and cohesion organised by the Ministry for the Regional...


Paralele HRT- fight against corruption

Why, according to the Perception of corruption index, is New Zealand  the less corrupted country in the World? What are the experiences in the  fight against corruption? What is the...


Past elections to the EU Parliament - elected citizens

Croatian citizens have elected 11 representatives who will represent us in the European Parliament. At the polls came out of 951,300 voters out of a total 3,767 343 voters (25.25%). Invalid...


Election for European Parliament - Declaration against corruption

Invitation to sign declaration has been sent to 48 addresses in Croatia and 13 parties and 1 independent list has signed it by now. Those are Akcija mladih, Akcija za bolju Hrvatsku,...


The transparency of the financing of national minorities in Croatia

Organized by the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, the Council for National Minorities of the Croatian and the Faculty of Political...


Activist’s inventory for EU until 2020. – Platforma 112

Europe 2020 is the European Strategy for growth for the coming decade. It has for objectives an improvement of the welfare system, the education, a development of the green economy and the...


TIC visited the European Commission in Bruxelles

Transparency International Croatia was called to participate to an official visit of the European Commission with 13 other organizations of the civil society from Croatia....


Become part of TIC

In order to increase membership in active and without compromise fight against corruption we ask citizens and legal persons to participate in work of Transparency International Croatia....


Lectures about corruption to students in Osijek and Zagreb

Ivona Mendeš, executive director of TIC did a lecture about corruption to the students of  the Faculty of Economics of University of J. J. Strossmayer in Osijek and the Faculty...


135 percent more applications for corruption in Croatia

We are extremely pleased that citizens are becoming increasingly vulnerable to corruption and bolder to report it. Their actions should show zero tolerance to corruption - from the lowest to the...


State servis or private business

Government officials should decide - private business or work for the public good, or country.  She noted that for the First channel of Croatian Radio Davorka Budimir, president of TIC...


Public session on legal regulation of political parties in Croatia

On Monday, 4/28/2014 was held a discussions on the Upper Town where John Padjen and Zdravko Petak, a member of Transparency International Croatia, spoke on the topic "Legal regulation...

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