Activists demanding undisturbed information access and freedom of the media from UN

Over 190 civil society organizations are asking the United Nations to put the responsibility of the governments and the independence of the media in the center of the new arena for the global...


TIC on the decision of the Supreme Court of secret recording as evidence

"The Supreme Court's decision is a strong impetus to the fight against corruption in Croatia!", said the president of Transparency International Croatia (TIC) Davorka Budimir for...


Entrepreneurs and politics

The influencial weekly newspaper, Lider, has published the text Conflict of Interest - entrepreneurs run away from politics and politics stays repulsive in which is analysed the entering of...


Register of political officials

Transparency International Croatia suggests the creation of Register of political officials. ˝That register should, like the Register of defenders, contain public available data about...


First Anti-Corruption EU Report

The European Commission has published the first  Anti-Corruption EU Report. The report thoroughly evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of 28 member States in the...


Anti-Corruption EU Report

On Monday, February 3rd, 2014, the European Commission will publish the first European Union Anti-corruption report. The report evaluates thoroughly the advantages and disadvantages of...


County-Prefect Marina Lovrić Merzel should resign

After Jasmina Jovev, former head of the prefect, Marina Lovrić Merzel’s Sisak-Moslavina County Office, uncovered corruption in the office at an HRT show Nedjeljom u dva, Transparency...


Fight against corruption should not be subject of daily political fight

Transparency International Croatia agrees with everyone who judges the fact that Branko Šegon is still on his position of Deputy Minister of Finance, but warns that this affair...


Resignation is moral act

We demand the resignation of Branko Šegon deputy minister of treasury! Commission for conflict of interest has just started its investigation on whether or not  Šegon was...


Presentation of the program we have a right to know the 2013th

On the occasion of the International Day of the right of access to information Transparency International Croatia has called a press conference in Varazdin.  The conference was...


Guest of the President of TIC on 24 hours TV

Visit of the President of TIC on 24 hours TV In TV show 60 minutes with Tihomir Ladišić,the guests were the President of TIC Davorka Budimir and the parliament representative of...


Istrian prefect Valter Flego should depart from duty

˝Laws are not here to be invaded but to carry out. According to the media, City Buzet led by Valter Flego brought the Rule about procedure of the city administration which is against the Law on...


President of TIC on Dnevnik Nova TV

"It is in the interest of Croatian citizens to know how public money is spent and who gets loans from such an important institution as the HBOR (Croatian Bank for...


TIC's president guest on the radio show U mreži Prvog

The affair "Pomoćnik" , which was named by Branko Šegon, who is deputy minister of Treasury, has opened a discussion about moral responsibility. This was discussed on the...


Loans of HBOR... who get it?

Transparency International Croatia is backing the intiative of the Minister of enterpreneurship and craft, Gordan Maras, to publish a list of the beneficiaries of...


TIC in Dnevnik 3

Politicians have to subordinate their own private interest to the public interest. That was pointed out by prof. dr. sc. Livia Kardum, a member of the Executive Board of TIC who was a guest in...


TIC's president on the show Civilno društvo

Last year, in the fight against corruption, not enough has been done. The citizens consider political parties, the judiciary system and the public servants to be the most corrupt. According to...


About the Report of the State revision on the the work of the political parties for the year 2012

Davorka Budimir, President of TIC, spoke in the Dnevnik 3 HRT 1 on the report of the State revision on the work of the political parties for the year 2012 She pointed out that the...


Ten years of accessing informations right in Republic of Croatia- round table

Commissary for Information has organized „ Ten years in accessing informations in Republic of Coratia“ round table, on 12 th, December, 2013 in Croatian...


International Anti-Corruption Day, 9 December 2013

Celebrating December 9th, International Anti-corruption day   On International Anti-corruption day celebration presenters are: PhD Josip Kregar, Member of the Parliament Don...


Corruption Perceptions Index 2013

Corruption Perceptions Index is a research that creates the ranking list of countries according to the assessment of the extent of corruption in them, i.e. the extent to which is perceived that...


UNCAC Report

Transparency International has actively supported the UNCAC from the early days, beginning with the Vienna negotiations in 2001-2003, and participated in the 2003 signing conference in Merida....


In the absence of control, there will be more riots

Member of the Board TIC PhD August Turina commented on the changes that are anticipated amendments to the Law on Public Procurement.  Read more about it below Slobodna Dalmacija


Business, Corruption and Crime in the western Balkans: The impact of bribery and other crime on private enterprise“

Bussines, Corruption and Crime in the western Balkans: the impact of bribery and other crimes to private sector This study was composed by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime...


Corruption - one of the biggest problems of Croatian society

The biggest problems of Croatian society are: unemployment corruption standard of croatian citizens education health care   Call 080 245 542 free anticorruption line...


Public officials'arrests show action in Croatia's corruption probe

Public officials' arrests show action in Croatia's corruption probe Officials at Transparency International Croatia said anti-corruption efforts are an ongoing process, which has not...


Inernational day of Tolerance 16. 11. 2013.

On 16th of November 2013 Platform 112 marked International Day of Tolerance with the initiative For the Croatia of all of us by placing bilingual panel in Vukovar Street in Zagreb. The...


The representatives of TIH on 20 annual meeting

The representatives of Transparency International Croatia have participated to the annual meeting of all the branches in Berlin, and thus enhanced the celebration of twenty years...


20 years Transparency International

Transparency International is celebrating 20 years since the establishment of the annual meeting of all the branches in Berlin from 6th to 10th 11th 2013.


Round table Transparent Health - Varazdin 7th 11th 2013th

The project Transparent health - Reducing the risk of corruption in the health sector which was jointly organized by the Ministry of Health and TIC held a roundtable discussion in...

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