Integrity Pacts Handbook - Preventing fraud and corruption in the use of EU Funds through civil society control mechanisms

This handbook seeks to provide a hands-on guidance to those contracting authorities and bidders who are willing to act for a more transparent public procurement market, by pursuing an...


Transparency in the private sector 2015

TI-Croatia has translated (into Croatian) two of the Transparency International Secretariat's publications that deal with transparency in the private...


TRAC - Transparency in corporate reporting 2014

This Transparency International report, Transparency in Corporate Reporting: Assessing the World’s Largest Companies, evaluates the transparency of corporate reporting by the world’s...


Sport and corruption - new from TI

Not even sport is excluded from corruption. From betting to match fixing to the selling of players, etc.  Corruption threatens sport’s most essential...


Anti-Corruption Kit: 15 ideas for young activists

This practilcal guide shows that it is possible to realize an idea. See how young people do it in many countries around the world. TI has published practical guide in which you can realize...


Prevention of Corruption in Public Procurement - guide (eng.)

TI has released a new publication - Prevention of Corruption in Public Procurement (practical guide). Download at link.


EU Integrity System Report

Transparency International EU office released an integrity study on EU institutions. The EU Integrity System report is based on TI’s NIS methodology and has been compiled following...


How to reduce corruption in the private sector

Corruption in the private sector should be eliminated. Zero tolerance to corruption is the minimum for what we should strive. TIC recognized the importance that has a joined fight against...


Global Corruption Barometer 2013

Citizens of Croatia consider the political parties, the judiciary and the public servants to be the most corrupt According to 21% of Croatian citizens corruption increased in the last two...


Fighting corruption in education 2013

The education of our children can not succeed when our schools and universities stained by corruption.  A new report by Transparency International shows that the educational sector...

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