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Press Release - Decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Fimi Media

The judicary is bound to ensure a real fight against corruption by fair and just legal proccedings 

In light of the Supreme Court decision to overturn the first instance conviction of former Prime Minister Ivo Sanader in the Fimi Media case, Transparency International Croatia considers that the judicial system must do everything it can so that the real fight against corruption in Croatia is not compromised.  

'This Supreme Court decision shows how an ineffective judicial system represents a serious problem for the real and true fight against corruption.

Firstly, procedural errors in legal proceedings reveal that there are no built-in mechanisms which would prevent violations of just and fair trials.

Secondly, such proceedings threaten human rights and violate the dignity of a party who has the right to prove that he is not guilty of that for which he is charged.

Thirdly, lengthy proceedings create additional costs, use of resources and reduce the impact that efficient and timely judgements would have if rendered within a reasonable time.

Fourthly, such high bonds are unjust and socially discriminatory because they send the wrong message to each citizen that money can buy everything.

Lengthy legal proceedings create the impression that there does not exist a true wish to curb corruption in Croatia.' said Davorka Budimir, President of Transparency International Croatia.

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