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TRAC - Transparency in Corporate Reporting

From 124 investigated multinational companies, 38 of them are active and successful in Croatia. They act through the branches and local firms which are representing them. 16 companies have the average index higher than world average. Above the world average there are 27 companies by the indicator of anti-corruption programmes, 11 by the criteria of organizational transparency, and 8 by the transparent reporting on the local levels. Mos of the companies, has their own headquarters in USA, Germany and Great Britain, and they are mostly from the sector of consumer goods, healthcare and technology.

           "The report on transparency in corporate reporting on the 124 largest global companies is indicative for croatian opportunities. 38 of the companies that act in Croatia show on the possible ways of more transparent and socially responsible buisness. They can be an example to local private and public firms in changing their behaviour. Transparency in everyday work effects preventing the corruption, and by that highlights promoting of the honesty, as the virtue we all have to pursue" said Davorka Budimir, the president of TIC.

         The whole report on Transparency in Corporate Reporting can be found on the website

Contact for the media: TIC Office: 099 2232 011 ,


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