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Article 14

Regular Membership of the Association is open to any physical person who applies for membership through an application form, explaining his/her request for membership and satisfies the following conditions:

  1. Accepts the values and objective of the Association;
  2. In his/her public and professional activities shows an interest in curbing corruption and strengthening transparency;
  3. Submits a written request, completes a motivational questionnaire and provides their curriculum vitae in the Croatian language.

An application is submitted to the Management Board which conducts a motivational interview with the candidate and submits a written proposal to the Assembly regarding the suitability of the candidate for membership of the Association.

The Assembly shall make decisions on membership at its first subsequent session. New members are accepted by a two thirds majority vote of the Assembly Members present, voting by secret ballot.

Regular Members are bound to abide by the provisions of the Charter and other by-laws of the Association as well as the decisions of its bodies.

Upon being elected to membership of the Association, a written decision is sent to the new member accepting his/her membership and the member is bound, within 15 days, to pay his/her membership fee for the current year.

Article 15

Supporting Membership of the Association is open to all physical persons and legal entities that complete the application form and pay the membership fee.

The Management Board renders a decision on the status of a Supporting Member and informs the candidate of same in writing. A Supporting Member is bound, within 15 days, to pay his/her membership fee for the current year. Membership commences from the date of payment of the membership fee.

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