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4 biggest Croatian cities got new leadership


Croatia has elected mayors of 87 municipalities, mayors of 56 cities and the City of Zagreb, and 14 prefects.

As predicted by the pre-election polls, the victory in Zagreb was won by Tomislav Tomašević (Možemo), in Rijeka by Marko Filipović (SDP), in Split by Ivica Puljak (Centar) and in Osijek by Ivan Radić (HDZ).

Turnout at the state level was 37.96 percent in the election for prefects and mayors of the City of Zagreb, and 43.86 percent for other mayors and mayors.



Tomasevic received 147,631 votes in the first round and 199,630 in the second round.

His opponent from the ranks of the Homeland Movement, Miroslav Škoro, received 34.75 percent of the vote, or 106,300 votes.

Turnout in Zagreb was 45.07 percent, down two percent from the first round, and two percent of ballots were invalid.


SDP candidate Marko Filipovic wins in Rijeka with 54.48 percent of the vote. Filipovic received 11,970 votes in the first round and 18,902 in the second.

Voter group candidate Davor Stimac received 45.52 per cent of the vote.

Turnout in Rijeka was 34.16 percent, which is three percent less than in the first round, and there were 3.37 percent of invalid ballots.


In Split, the Center's candidate Ivica Puljak wins with 56.75 percent of the vote. Puljak received 17,500 votes in the first round and 35,565 in the second round.

His HDZ opponent, Vice Mihanovic, received 43.25 percent of the vote, or 27,106.

The turnout in Split was 43.53 percent, which is less than in the first round, when it was 43.97 percent. There were 2.90 percent of invalid ballots.


In Osijek, HDZ candidate Ivan Radic wins with 59.68 percent of the vote, while his opponent Berislav Mlinarevic, independent with the support of the Homeland Movement and Most, has 35.52 percent of the vote.

Radic received 15,526 votes in the second round, which is about 2,000 more votes than in the first round when he received 13,655.

The turnout in Osijek was 29.13 percent, even 10 percent less than in the first round when it was 39.48 percent. There were 4.80 percent of invalid ballots.

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