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Local elections 2021


05/16/2021 Croatian citizens elected 425 municipal and 127 city councils, 20 county assemblies, and the Zagreb City Assembly, municipal mayors, mayors, and prefects, and about 70 of their deputies from national minorities and a dozen from the Croatian people in municipalities where Croats are minorities.

3,660,054 citizens registered in the voter register had the opportunity to vote in their place of residence. They were able to vote from 7 am to 7 pm at 6,572 polling stations for which about 14 million ballots were prepared in as many as 1,232 types.

More than 38,000 candidates ran. There are 7,104 candidates on the lists for county assemblies, including the City of Zagreb, which has the status of a county, and 28,867 candidates on the lists for the city and municipal councils.

There are 225 candidates for prefects and their deputies.

1,901 people, including deputies, ran for municipal mayors and mayors.

Fewer councilors and deputies were elected in these local elections than before. The number of members of the representative body depends on the population of the unit in which it is elected. The least number of councilors - seven, are elected by municipalities up to a thousand inhabitants, and the most, 47, cities and counties with more than 300 thousand.

And the number of deputies is "linked" to the number of inhabitants of the unit. Two will have a county prefect with more than 250 thousand inhabitants and a mayor of a city with more than 100 thousand inhabitants, ie Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, and Osijek.

The county prefect will have up to 250 thousand inhabitants each, as well as the mayor and the mayor whose cities and municipalities have from 10 thousand to 100 thousand inhabitants and the mayor of the city which is the seat of the county.

Mayors and mayors of municipalities and cities with less than 10,000 inhabitants have no deputies.

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