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Public administrative bodies of the City of Zagreb


City administrative bodies, which constitute the City Administration as such, in accordance with the provisions under Article 13 of the City of Zagreb Act (Official Gazette 62/01, 125/08, 36/09, 119/14 and 98/19) are established for performing activities under the scope of the City of Zagreb, while the decision on their organization and scope is made by the City Assembly of the City of Zagreb.

Within its self-governing scope, the City of Zagreb performs activities within the scope of the city and the scope of the county and other activities in accordance with the law. The entrusted tasks of the state administration established by a special law are performed by the responsible administrative bodies of the City of Zagreb. In the performance of state administration activities, city administrative bodies have the powers and obligations in accordance with the law governing the system of state administration.

Decision on the ‘Organisation and scope of the City's Administrative Bodies’ (Official Gazette of the City of Zagreb 16/09, 22/09, 9/12, 4/13, 6/13, 17/13, 24/13, 21/14, 26/14, 5/15 - consolidated text, 4/16, 23/16, 9/17, 17/17,19/17, 2/19, 18/19 and 24/19) enabled the establishment of 24 city offices, one city institute and two professional services.

All city offices, institute and professional services are managed by the heads.

For the duty performances of the state administration under their scope, the heads of the city administrative bodies are directly responsible to the Mayor of the City of Zagreb – who has the authority as the head of the state administration body, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on the Organization of State Administration. As for the performance of activities in the self-governing scope of the City of Zagreb, the heads are responsible to the Mayor of the City of Zagreb as well.


There are currently 27 departments and divisions (city offices) and 27 heads.

City Offices are as follows:

  1. Professional Service of the Mayor
  2. The Mayor’s Office
  3. Office of International Relations and Human Rights
  4. Legal Representation Office
  5. Office for EU Programs and Projects
  6. Public Procurement Office
  7. City Control Office
  8. City Office for the Strategic Planning and Development of the City
  9. City Office for General Administration
  10. City Office for Financing
  11. City Office for Economy, Energetics and Environment Protection
  12. City Office for Education
  13. City Office for Culture
  14. City Office for Sports and Youth
  15. City Office for Health
  16. City Office for War Veterans
  17. City Office for Social Protection and People with Disabilities
  18. City Office for Agriculture and Forestry
  19. City Office for Urban Planning, Construction of the City, Utility Services and Transport
  20. City Office for Property Affairs
  21. City Office for the Management of City Assets
  22. City Office for Cadastre and Geodetic Activities
  23. OEM – City Office for Emergency Management
  24. City Institute for the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
  25. City Office for Demography
  26. City Office for the Local Self-Administration
  27. City Assembly Professional Service


Companies owned by the City of Zagreb

Below is the list of the companies with ownership percentage:

  1. Zagreb Holding Ltd. (100%)
  2. Zagreb’s Public Transportation System Ltd. – ZET (100%)
  3. Zagreb Fair Ltd. (100%)
  4. Zagreb Innovation Center Ltd. (100%)
  5. Zagreb Center for Waste Management Ltd. (100%)
  6. Sports Objects Ltd. (100%)
  7. Integrated Traffic of Zagreb Area Ltd. (60%)
  8. Sea Lion Ltd. (51%)
  9. APIS IT Ltd. (49%)
  10. Water Works Ltd. (37,66%)
  11. Zagreb Airport Ltd. (35%)
  12. Bicro Biocenter Ltd. (13%)
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