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Reducing number of administrative offices in the City of Zagreb


"There will be no 27 offices, but the total number is going to be cut in half and head positions as they exist today will be gone. Here I must point out that these current 27 heads have several dozen more deputies and about 100 assistant heads. I don't see that so much management staff is needed in the city administration," said Tomislav Tomašević, the new mayor of the City of Zagreb, during the local elections.

Instead of 27 city offices, only 16 remain working, as listed below:

  1. Professional Service of the Mayor
  2. The Mayor’s Office
  3. City Office for Internal Revision and Control
  4. City Office for General Administration City and Property Affairs
  5. City Office for Financing and Public Procurement
  6. City Office for Economy, Sustainability and Strategic Planning
  7. City Office for Education, Sports and Youth
  8. City Office for Culture, Intercity and International Cooperation and Civil Society
  9. City Office for Social Protection, Health, War Veterans and People with Disabilities
  10. City Office for Reconstruction, Construction of the City, Urban Planning, Utility Services and Transport
  11. City Office for the Management of City Assets and Housing
  12. City Office for Cadastre and Geodetic Activities
  13. City Office for the Local Self-Administration, Civil Protection and Security
  14. City Institute for the Conservation of Cultural and Natural Heritage
  15. Information System and Technical Affairs Service
  16. City Assembly Professional Service
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