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In view of the US State Department’s Report outlining violations of human rights in Croatia during 2016, Transparency International Croatia underscores that corruption is the biggest problem in Croatia which is undermining the political and economic system and society as a whole and destroying the notion of being able to make an honest living.   

‘Corruption in Croatia is a substantial problem for our society. Daily corruption scandals, the manipulation of corruption issues for political gain and clashes between political actors are jeopardising the real fight against corruption in Croatia.

In 63 days of this year alone, which is still in its first quarter, as citizens we were deluged with corruption scandals, revelations of conflicts of interests, disparagement of independent authorities fighting corruption by political institutions and an ineffective judicial system that systematically jeopardises the fight against corruption. The findings of the State Audit Office are continually ignored and there is essentially no political or any other accountability.  

The 2016 financial reports of parliamentary political parties show that their activities were 75% financed by public money of all citizens, and to a lesser extent by membership fees and donations.  

At the same time, their expenditures are focussed on the payment of salaries for employees of political party in the order of 20% of collected money. More than 18.5 million kuna is spent on just two expenditure priopcenja, namely, telephone bills and entertainment expenses in addition to all their other privileges and benefits which they are granted from the state budget.

Corruption does not have a party insignia and is neither left nor right wing but rather, is tied to irresponsible, corrupt individuals in the political arena and individuals who are tied to them and who have financial benefit from their mutual cooperation. Citizens are just mere observes who are sick and tired of corruption’ said Davorka Budimir, President of Transparency International Croatia. 

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