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Corruption – one of the reasons for the alarming state of human right in Croatia


In light of the State Department's report on the alarming state of human rights in Croatia, Transparency International Croatia considers corruption to be the biggest problem in Croatia society because it produces all the other forms of discrimination that we face.

'The Report on Human Rights in Croatia points to the problems of social discrimination, violence against minorities such as ethnic minorities, women and the LGBT community and corruption at all levels of government.  

The problem of corruption at all levels of government relates to the ineffectiveness of institutions in enforcing the law as well as insufficient prevention in the fight against corruption. Whilst legal regulations exist, their real effectiveness and the consistent implementation of laws is lacking.

Public authorities in charge of reducing and preventing corruption risks such as the Information Commissioner, the Commission for Conflict of Interest and the State Audit Office are often limited in their work. Irregularities which are established by the State Audit Office in various public authorities from the local to the national level are not remedied and irresponsible individuals are not punished for their failures.

Croatia still does not have a legal framework for the protection of whistle blowers and lobbying remains unregulated. The public procurement system remains the biggest problem as it is exposed to the highest corruption risks.

Any corruptive behaviour must cause general condemnation by the whole of society. It is even more important that the system of government be efficient with built-in control mechanisms.

There is no true fight against corruption without the independent and professional work of all institutions and an efficient judiciary. Lengthy court trials serve only to compromise the true fight against corruption, as they are costly, they impair the efficiency of the judicial system and they create the impression that corruption is ultimately worth it and the responsibility of the individual remains unpunished. The fight against corruption should not be carried out selectively in order to discredit political opponents in daily political conflicts.   

We want a transparency society and have the right to expect from all institutions that they do their jobs responsibly and honestly and for which they are paid by all citizens’ said Davorka Budimir, President of TIC.


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