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Croatian Institutions are bound to investigate and institute legal proceedings against all those who in any way whatsoever participaded in the unlawful purchase of armoured vehicles from the company Patria


Two Finnish Managers have been found guilty of giving EUR 1.5 million in bribes for the unlawful sale of armoured vehicles to Croatia by the manufacturer Patria. They have been given suspended jail sentences as well as fines and the manufacturer, Patria, was fined EUR 297,000. 

These are very serious convictions which are deeply comprising not only for Croatia but also for all those who perform their public duties with integrity and transparently and are above all, led by the public interest and not personal interest.

It is never too late to investigate such serious fraud. In the interests of protecting Croatian national interests and integrity, there must be an investigation into where this money ended up and if not in Croatia, then it must be found wherever it is.  

Since some prominent individuals were mentioned during the trial, who at the time were in high governent positions, this additionally requires a serious approach. It should be in the interests of each of them that it be established that they did not unlawfully acquire the money in question.

Not a single citizen should be above the law. A sense of responsibility on the part of those who exercise public authority is the basis for establishing trust in politicians and political institutions. The authorities that deal with punishing unacceptable behaviour, above all, DORH and USKOK, must perform their duties professionally, regardless of the individuals concerned“ said Davorka Budimir, President, Transparency International Croatia.



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