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Transparency International Croatia, in response Transparency International’s correspondence dated 10th March 2016, hereby informs the Croatian public that the Decision on disaccreditation of the Croatian Chapter was rendered on the basis of a non-transparent procedure and as such has no bearing whatsoever. The Decision is based on the slander of secret informants from Croatia, irresponsible actions of certain individuals at the Transparency International Secretariat in Berlin and without taking into account the facts or even involving the Croatian Chapter.

We were informed in a letter from TI in Berlin that the Croatia Chapter is disaccredited because it failed to comply with the conditions which it was set.

Their main criticisms of our work are: financial instability, non-cooperation with other civil society organisations gathered around Platform 112, and that we do not wish to be professional corruption fighters who undertake their activities only if they are paid for it.  

In the current situation facing Croatia, we believe that it is inappropriate, unnecessary and unfair to spend public money on associations which deal with the democratisation of society because this diminishes the role that active citizens should have.   

Since corruption is neither left wing nor right wing and is above any ideological views that our members, volunteers and supporters may hold, we will never succumb to political pressure either from within or outside of Croatia. Our activities and our work shall continue to be in the interests of all Croatian citizens, as they have the right to live in an uncorrupted, fair and transparent society.

Our activities shall be directed towards civic activism in order to encourage a true desire for change in our society which will enable each and every citizen a decent, fair and dignified life on the basis of equal opportunity. It is in this sense that we shall continue our work as we have until now.' said Davorka Budimir, President, Transparency International Croatia.



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