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Elections for European Parliament showed that citizens don’t have enough information


Transparency international Croatia is disappointed with the low turnout in the European Parliament elections. It iconfirms the low level of people’s awareness about the importance of  those elections and on the way of voting. 

                “Candidates for European Parliament didn’t make enough effort to explain to citizens the importance of the European Parliament and its elections. Moreover there wasn’t a systematic education about the way of voting. Voters didn’t get enough information about the power of preferential voting – direct voting for the candidate who they believe will present them best in the European Parliament. “ Stated Davorka Budimir, president of TIC.

She called all the newly elected members of the European parliament to sign the Declaration against corruption. 13 parties and one independent list had already signed the  Declaration before the elections.
 Politicians could sign Declaration as well. Only four candidates did it in Croatia. Marijana Petir (Hrvatska seljačka stranka), Nensi Tireli and Davorka Pšenica (Hrvatski laburisti – stranka rada) and Ivan Jakovčić (Istarski demokratski sabor).

Two of them became members of European Parliament, Marijana Petir and Ivan Jakovčić.
By signing the Declaration they commit to do everything they can in order to make legal process and management of European institutions as global model of transparency, accountability and integrity. They also committed in promoting transparency in the spending of public funds and an active protection of the reporters of irregularities also known as whistleblowers.
Contact for media: Krešimira Rendulić, 098 720 221,

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