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Inactivity of Parliament Anti-corruption Council criticism


Transpartency International Ctroatia  adjudges  inactivity of National Council for monitoring the implementation of the strategy against corruption.


According to Peđa Grbin’s  today  statement  on  SDP press conference when he announced: “If HDZ does not want to lead the anti- corruption struggle, let it to someone else. I am sure there are plenty of people who are willing and also have knowledge to conduct this institution.”. Transparency International Croatia emphasize  that fight against corruption  is not polity question which depends on political will of all political parties options. Above all, it is a political responsibility question and the elites’ mature test.


“Inactivity of  Parliament Anticorruption Council during this year  indicates there is no care about shaping the anticorruption public policies, rising up all citizens  awareness of negative impacts of corruption. Corruption directly jeopardizes human rights, destroying the structure and society moral, and also prevents business development and equality of all citizens in achieving their fundamental rights and interests. Anti-corruption struggle should not be the political will question, it is overall determination question and willingness to encourage the social awareness transformation.”  highlighted the Transparency International Croatia President Davorka Budimir.  


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