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International Anti-Corruption Day 9.12.


We expect from President candidates they will emphasize the fight against corruption as a highest priority of their activities and as a moral pillars of our society they are going to encourage the prevention of corruption in all levels.


International Day for Fight Against Corruption was celebrated since 2003 when UN General Assembly emphasized the problem of corruption and the emergence for everyday fight against corruption by UN resolutin. Few day ago, Corruption Perception Index was released, and according to that, Croatia scored 48 points, as in 2013, but was displaced by four places. On the list of 175 countries, Croatia is now 61st on list. Corruption penetrates in all parts of society and is a danger for economic, social and political development, and the prosperity of Croatia.


"Today, December 9th, on International Day for Fight Against Corruption, starts the President election campaign. We expect from all candidates that they will concentrate on fight against corruption. Not only in presenting their election programmes, but also to point out every single day that corruption is a source of biggest damage to society in its whole. The institution of President of State has to be the one who has to promote the positive social values based on trust and honesty. By creating that kind of social climate, corruptive behaviour will become unacceptable and will come to strong disapproval by society, and not only by brave individuals who jeopardized their human rights and exsistence, because of whistleblowing. The duty of President of State is to lead us towards more transparent and fairer society!" emphasized Davorka Budimir, president of Transparency International Croatia


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