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International Anti-corruption day press release




December 9, 2013



Croatian Employers' Association and Transparency Interantional Croatia are going to cooperate on corruption extinguishing , emphasizing fair market competition and democratic values.

On International Anti- Corruption Day, Bernard Jakelić, the Director General Deputy of Croatian Employers' Association and the president of Transparency International Croatia, Davorka Budimir signed The Agreement of business cooperation.

Associations will cooperate on combat against corruption, promotion of democratic values and fair competition with the aim of general, especially economic progress of Republic of Croatia. Their work will include, among other, provide of recommendations and guidelines for combat against corruption, organization of education, surveillance and evaluation of reforms that are implemented by government and public authorities.

„Corruption is not on the left or right side, niether in the middle. It was part of individuals who had to take  consequences for their actions  in each period in past twenty years. Most of Croatian companies their job and everyday business make in social responsible way, honestly and very rationally with full respect of the moment and situation where we are.  Whole State economy  or  all employers should not be marked as corruptive just because of several individuals involved in corruption. Entrepreneurs held much more responsibillity, but their right is also  to meet the business conditions in advance for doing their business making responsible environment also including „bona fides“  in  good master. Overall, all citizens are invited to implement their knowledge and responsibillity in every  job, however different they might be, so we could,  even starting from today, live differently and better after all.“ emphasized the TIH President Davorka Budimir.

,, Croatian Employers’ Association and its members advocate for obeying the law and transpiration in the work of public and private sector. With the quality of laws it is equally important to ensure equivalent supervision of their implementation. Croatian Employers’ Association has been emphasizing that we need necessary reforms which will, among others, help in further combat against corruption, illegality and increase of transparency. Only reforms with integral and profound changes can create conditions required for growth and development which we all need. Croatian Employers’ Association gives its full support with all the efforts which lead us in creation of better business environment. Continuing fight against corruption and raising the level of transparency are there vital component.’, said Bernard Jakelić, deputy managing director of Croatian Employers’ Association, when signing the agreement.

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