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Transparency International Croatia has requested all of the political actors currently involved in negotiations to enable it to monitor the negotiation proceedings and political agreements aimed at forming a parliamentary majority and executive government in Croatia.

On Monday 17th November 2015, TI Croatia sent a request to the political actors involved in negotiations to form a parliamentary majority to enable it to monitor the process which is extremely important for consolidating the effects of democratisation in Croatia. As an independent and interested party on behalf of the public, the goal is to ensure transparent proceedings which are carried by a control mechanism of civil oversight.

Our task is to assess the conduct of the negotiations and the manner in which political agreements are achieved. We shall inform the public in detail at the end of the process. The negotiators themselves are bound to inform the public on the substance of the negotiations ie. what they were negotiating.

On the other hand, it is important that in case the negotiations are not successful, Croatian citizens have complete information as to why the negotiations were not successful. This is a new level of transparency and accountability towards each and every citizen who makes an honest living and cares about his/her quality of life.

The political actors must get used to the idea that they can no longer be alone on the political stage, but that the capabilities for the development of Croatian society must be increased through citizen activism. Citizens are here to question every day and not just on election day. This is our duty and civil responsibility. All political parties which received a majority of votes at the parliamentary elections signed a Declaration against Corruption during the election campaign, regardless of whether they would be in the executive government or part of the opposition with the aim of daily promoting positive social values such as honesty, integrity, transparency, responsibility and accountability. This indeed is a good opportunity for them to also show this.’ said Davorka Budimir, President TI Croatia.

Media Contact: TI Croatia Office 091 2232011

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