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Press release - Declaration against corruption


Transparency International Croatia, on the occasion of the announcement of the elections for representatives in the Croatian Parliament, calls out on the leadership of political parties that in the selection processes on the lists they suggest only the honest, ethical and responsible individuals who were distinguished by professionalism in their previous work, and to sign the Declaration against corruption.

"The leadership of political parties must be honest to the citizens and for the positions of responsibility select only the best individuals, who will be able to put public interest ahead of personal needs.

At the beginning of the election process we invite political parties and independent lists to put the fight against corruption on top places in their election programs, and that they explain to the citizens how will they prevent corrupt behavior.

At the same time we ask of the leadership of the parties to remove irresponsible and corrupt individuals from the political arena by not suggesting them on the lists.

We remind of the research results that were published during the introduction of the first EU Anticorruption report according to which 94% of the citizens belive that the corruption is widespread in Croatia, and that during the 2013. 6% of our citizens had to give a bribe or has in some way witnessed corruption, also that  81% of Croatian companies see the corruption as an obstacle to buisness.

During the European Parliament elections in may 2014. there was for the first time signing of the Declaration against corruption for MEPs that in Croatia wasn't signed by two main parties, SDP and HDZ. Now is the time to correct that." said Davorka Budimir, the president of TIC.

Media contact: TIC Office 091-2232011,

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