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Press release on the occasion of CPI 2013


Progress of Croatia in the fight against corruption is not good enough

On the scale of 177 countries Croatia is in the 57th place, according to Corruption perception index. It progressed of 5 places, compared to last year.  Despite the progress, Croatia is still above the average of the European Union.

~~The least corrupted countries in 2013. are Denmark and New Zeeland, who scored 91 point. The most corrupted states are Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia who had only 8 points, according to the Corruption perception index.

~~Croatian index is 48, this year, which is progress of 2 points comparing to last year. On the scale of 177 countries Croatia is in 57th place or a  progress of 5 places comparing to last year.

~~“Corruption perception index is showing Croatian efforts in the fight against corruption, but it is not enough. The progress of Croatia that the index shows, 2 points and 5 places, should not satisfy Croatian government. I want to stress point 18th in Plan 21 of Kukuriku coalition that promises to people a society without corruption.” said Davorka Budimir, president of Transparency international Croatia.

~~The biggest progress from the countries in the region have been realised by Montenegro and Serbia, according to Corruption perception index. They progressed of 3 points. On the other hand, a growth of corruption is seen in Slovenia, Albania and Kosovo. On the scale of 177 countries, region countries are sort like this: Slovenia 43rd place (57 points), Croatia 57th place (48 points), Macedonia and Montenegro 67th place (44 points), Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina 72nd place (42 points), Kosovo 111th place (33 points) and Albania 116th place (31 points).

~~Corruption perception index for a country shows how big is perception of corruption in the public sector on the scale from 0 to 100. Country with 0 is seen as highly corrupted, and the one with 100 is a country free of corruption. Corrupted activities are all illegal activities that are deliberately conceal from public. They are often exposed through scandals, investigations or trial.

~~From this year Croatia is a member of European Union, but her CPI is below the average of the European Union. Average index in European Union is 62.6, Croatia has index 48. In the same time, Croatia is above the average of the whole world, which is 43 points.

~~“Transparency international Croatia hopes and believes that Corruption perception index will put Croatia, next year as closer as possible to countries that should be our role model. This is one of the preconditions necessary for attracting foreign investments, and for the development of domestic entrepreneurship, necessary for creating new jobs.” Said Davorka Budimir.





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