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Press release on the occasion of the International Day of the right of access to information


Varazdin 27th September 2013

After the 15th February of 2013 adopted the Law on Freedom of Information, Croatian citizens are still waiting for commissioners to ensure that all Croatian citizens are the available information, as one of the constitutionally guaranteed rights. 

TIC in the period from 2007 to 2012 conducted regular annual surveys of public opinion in the "We have a right to know" Considering Institute of access to information as one of the key levers to combat corruption. 

The Law on Freedom of Information we have, but its application in everyday life we do not. Awareness is important because of the consolidation process which Croatia aspires. Why in the past seven months has not chosen commissioner? How it will look Office and from which budget priopcenja will be funded by its employees in the next fiscal year? 

Transparency International Croatia wants to open up this issue on the International Day of freedom of information, considering that citizens should institution commissioner, but that was his choice, as well as the method of financing must be transparent. It is a prerequisite that those who provide information, but also those who are seeking to be sure that the trustee is their job in a transparent, accountable and open.



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