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Statement of campaign finance of internal elections


Inter-party elections in the SDP open the questions of financing of political parties. 

How the party participates in the preparation of candidates and their party members represent? Do the candidates participating in elections engage private money to represent? Do political parties reimburses intra promotion candidates? Are there laws that regulate party such financing? Is barbecue for 200 party members, who organized a potential candidate for president of the SDP GO Zagreb Minister Mirando Mrsic, private donations to the SDP in the amount of HRK 9,000? Also, whether the letter Gordan Maras, a potential candidate for the same office and the minister, sent to 6,000 addresses party members represents a donation to the SDP in the amount of HRK 6,000? An additional question is whether these candidates have the fiskalizirane accounts for these amounts, ie. is the VAT paid for them? Such instances will be much, especially in smaller towns and at lower levels. These examples show that the policy ultimately is not free. What TIC welcomes the initiative of an independent member of the SDP who publicly through social networks open to question and gave the public a chance to discuss it.

TIC believes this occasion calls leadership of political parties, which are preparing for internal elections to govern the financial side of these activities prior to the start of the campaign. For transparency of political parties, it is important that they find a model under which a policy will not be reserved only for the rich, but all members of the party.

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