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Statement relating to the request of representatives of farmers' organizations for the dismissal of the Minister of Agriculture Tihomir Jakovina


After the representatives of farmers' organizations ask the Government for the dismissal of the Minister of Agriculture Tihomir Jakovina for non-transparent allocation of agricultural subsidies, these urges the Government to through their respective Ministry of Agriculture and the Paying Agency for Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development provide the interested public an insight into coma have and in what amount given agricultural subsidies in recent years. 

TIC believes the only full transparency and public announcement of all cash flows of agricultural subsidies can restore confidence among all participants of this issue, not only the government and the farmers, in order to remove doubts about who, when, by whom and in what amount received agricultural subsidies for production. 

This will strengthen the confidence of Croatian (but now European) taxpayers who through their taxes to participate in co-Croatian agricultural sector. In the long term will affect the competitiveness of Croatian villages. Throughout the protests of farmers is evident that in this segment, there are disadvantages, as even today there are places for improvement, despite already governed by European regulatory mechanisms.


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