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Steps for David - Charity Concert of Volunteers TIC


Volunteers of Transparency International Croatia are organizers of the charity concert named „Steps for David“ with goal of collecting funds for David Ogrizović foot operation. 

David is born on 10th of February 2014 and immediately after birth he was diagnosed EEC syndrom – rare genetic diseases of cleft lip and palate, hand and foot. The boy has just two bones on both of hands, and deformed feet. With all that, he has Ectodermal dysplasia which causes improper growth of hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, nails and teeth. He needs the foot surgery so his toes could strech out which would allow him to walk normally and wear shoes.

Surgeries like that are performed in the University Hospital of Mannheim in Germany where David got his term in March 2015. The amout required for the operation is 15 000 euros.

Transparency International Volunteers have decided to help with raising funds by organizing a concert the day after David's first birthday, 11th February 2015. in Mali pogon Tvornica kulture in Zagreb, starting at  21 p.m. That evening the atmosphere will be warmed up by oriental dance ensemble Apsaradhe with their egzotic dance and after that band Mačci from Zagreb will perform playing the remakes of RHCP, The Black Keys and many others. After the koncert there will be the after party so the party, for those who decide to help, would be complete. Ticket price is 30 kunas.

We have decided to organize the koncert for little David because he  has the right to happy and healthy life too. Solidarity, compassion and concern for people around us is the least that we,as an individuals, can do. The task of the non-governmental sector is to encourage activism and positive social values so we, as a society, could change and act in a positive way.

The activity „Steps for David“ which we organise has also a goal to show that charities can be organized and carried out in a fair and trasparent way ofcourse with the fact that helping others is in the first place. We are very thankful to everyone who have helped us, showing what social and corporate managment means in reality. To help and to have fun while doing that is the reward to everyone who decide to let David's little stepts into their life“ said by the volunteer Srđan Kerčević, coordinator of this action.  

Founds can also be donated via separate bank account of the recipient  Transparency International Croatia, IBAN: HR14 2340 0091 5106 9524 3, SWIFT CODE: PBZGHR2X in Privredna banka Zagreb

Contact for media:

Organizers (volunteers): Anita Rengel (+385 98 178 2093) and Srđan Kerčević (+385 95 803 2179)


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