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The application of ZPPI showed a need for further improvement


TIH thinks that practical application of the law relating to access the information (ZPPI) from 2013. showed the understatements regarding some legislative regulations. Former law interpreted the term "informations" much more extensive, emphasizing that the information doesn't have to be stored, but it is enough that it is accessible to the bodies of public government.


Information according to ZPPI in 2003.

Information = doesn't have to be stored, it is enought that it is accessible to the bodies of public government.

Information according to ZPPI in 2013.

Information = every data in the possession of the body of the poblic government in the form of document, record, register or any other form, independently in the way it is shown (written, drawn, printed, recorded, optical, electronical, on magnetic tape or any other).

Even though it is specified that the information can be in any other form, it can be concluded that it doesn not have to be either in the shape of "a document, record or register" but it can be even knowledge which hasn't been materialized yet or it is not in one but many documents.

Practical application of the law indicates every information seeker has to know exactly what he or she is looking for, beacuse in latter his or hers request may be deemed too complicated, even though it is undoubtful that the body of the public government has the information. 

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