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The fight against corruiption must not be compromised by procedural flaws and protracted court proceedings


In light of the Constitutional Court decision to repudiate the final court verdicts against former Prime Minister Dr. Ivo Sanader in the HYPO and INA-MOL cases, Transparency International Croatia considers that the true fight against corruption rests on fair and just court proceedings in which every institution must perform its duties responsibly, thoroughly, fairly and effectively.

It is high time that all corrupt behaviour evokes general condemnation by the whole of society.

It is even more important that the system of government is effective with inbuilt control mechanisms so that at no time can the right to a fair trial for every party in legal proceedings be impaired.

The procedural flaws and protract court proceedings compromise the true fight against corruption, impair  the effectiveness of the judicial system and create the impression that there does not exist a real desire for corruption to be rooted out.

Croatian citizens pay too high a price for an ineffective fight against corruption and are tired of protracted court proceedings and daily corruption scandals.

We want a transparent and fair society and we rightly expect from all institutions to responsibly and fairly do the job for which they are paid by all citizens.' said Davorka Budimir, President TIH.

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