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Cease and desist from influencing the Court


Dear Mr. Gaal,

We have still not received a response to our email requesting that you cease writing to the Croatian media as well as to foreign Ambassadors in Croatia and to others of which we are not aware, during the pending legal proceedings in Croatia, which you yourself instituted. We reiterate that your actions threaten the fundamental prinicple of the Rule of Law, namely, the independence of the judiciary. 
You have been ignoring our correpondence which we have been writing to you all these years and instead of responding to our concerns about your conduct and the way in which you mishandled our situation, you have been writing to the media and foreign Ambassadors etc. all this time to undermine us, and especially when there are legal proceedings pending for the past 18 months and an imminent judgement.  
From the outset, your actions defy your name and brand.
Moreover, you are constantly hindering our efforts to fight corruption in Croatia which is again contrary to your supposed objectives. 
Could you please confirm receipt of this email and that you will cease and desist from trying to influence the Croatian courts with your underhand actions, including inside the courtroom itself, as explained in our previous email which you also continue to ignore. 

TI Croatia team


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